Yahoo fantasy football playoff tiebreaker

Yahoo fantasy football playoff tiebreaker

This tiebreaker setting differs depending on the leagues scoring type. Head-to-head - for fantasy baseball, basketball, and hockey the tiebreaker goes to the team with the most stat category wins, not overall matchup wins and losses. In fantasy football the tiebreaker is awarded to the team with the best overall matchup winning percentage against opponent during the regular season.

  fantasy football managers, its playoff time! With fantasys second season here, we want to remind everyone that commissioners have the ability to edit seeds for the first round of the playoffs.

What is the tiebreaker in yahoo for making the playoffs? Sorry for the rookie question but what is the standard way that yahoo decides who will make a playoff spot if 2 people have the same record? Is it total points for, or h2h record (this is a h2h league).

  re yahoo fantasy, what is the tie breaker in playoff game tie? Posted by auyushu on 112112 at 1001 pm to gynosandberg yeah, had a playoff game on yahoo decided by playoff seed last year due to a tie, was pretty crappy for the guy who lost.

  fantasy football managers have been asking for custom playoffs features and we at yahoo fantasy heard you loud and clear. Just in time for fantasy footballs second season, commissioners now.

Maybe im just an idiot, but i cannot find the tiebreaker rules for my yahoo! Leagues. Can anyone tell me how to view this? Edit im talking about for playoffs. Also, i know the default rules but i didnt know if it was possible to have customized settings which is what i wanted to check on.

We have been using yahoo for a couple seasons and havent had any regular season tiebreaker scenarios. This season we are looking at 3 teams fighting for the last two playoff slots.

Im glad to found this thread to find out that yahoo pro paid leagues uses most pf scored in total season if theres a tie for last remaining playoff spot. I thought it was head to head record or point difference from head to head record which meant i would probably not make the playoffs.

  does anyone know what yahoo uses as a default for tie-breakers in the playoffs? This whole boldinwarner thing is gonna change my loss to a tie, so id like to know if im going to the dance or sittin on the couch.

Create or join a nfl league and manage your team with live scoring, stats, scouting reports, news, and expert advice.

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Yahoo fantasy football playoff tiebreaker

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