Whole30 fast food options

Whole30 fast food options

  here are the best whole30 fast food options at restaurants, according to dieticians. Try whole30 diet-approved food options at mcdonalds, chipotle, chick-fil-a, five guys and more.

  another whole30 fast food meal he recommends is the green apples, egg, mild cheddar cheese, and cashews snack box for the same reason.

  one good option is the power menu bowl substitute rice and beans with extra lettuce and ask for it al fresco, replacing the cheese, sour cream, and avocado ranch with pico de gallo.

Yeah, theres a lot to remember when navigating the minefield of eating out on whole30.

Fast food and casual dining places are not going to provide your husband with whole30 compliant options. What you might consider, for him, is to not attempt a full-scale whole30, but instead a 30 day plan of eating whole30 whenever possible and eating the best choices available when necessary.

  chipotle is a favorite fast food option for whole30 eaters. Go with a carnitas salad (carnitas is the only protein at chipotle cooked in sunflower oil, as opposed to rice bran oil), avoid the rice and beans, and then heap on the guacamole and salsa (all salsas should be fine, minus the corn salsa).

One of the ways to ensure that youll stick to your diet is by bringing your own stash of whole30-friendly snacks or food. I often pack my own avocado, nuts or salad dressings with me when i want to load up on my fats and keep me feeling full if the restaurant doesnt have a big selection.

  the cheddar bay biscuits may be off limits, but red lobsters classic live maine lobster, snow crab legs, and filet are whole30-approved, as is the atlantic salmon from the todays catch menu.

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Whole30 fast food options

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