Vindictus steal money

Vindictus steal money

Steal money? When i was repairing my items, i noticed that there was an option to steal money from the royal army recruit? 2 comments.

This title is reserved for those whove stolen money from the repair shop guard at dock 6. Click the steal money button at the repair shop panel at the dock in rocheste.

Has an additional option, steal money, which steals 1-4 gold or puts back 1 gold. Doing this gives the titles guilty, sinful, and morally bankrupt, after which you can no longer steal money. There is a guard who stands outside the entrance to the docks of rocheste. You can talk to him, but he is not currently used in any stories up to this point.

  a title reserved for those who spend a lot of money to restore equipment. - - - wil1 - equipment mutilator combat a title reserved for those whove used a ton of money to repair equipment equipment destroyed a total of 1000 times. - - - wil1 - pot breaker combat a title reserved for those whove destroyed erg pots.

  its still retardedly hard to make money in the game, i foolishly let my greed and temporary excitement for playing vindi again steal another grand from me in the few months i played.

He trades items and seals, but dreams of one becoming an official soldier. He repairs armor and trade monster brawl scroll with combat seals. You can also use seal of bravery and seal of dedication to trade items.

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Vindictus steal money

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