University apartments csuf

University apartments csuf

University house is top quality student housing serving cal state fullerton, in a convenient location just one block from campus.

See all 661 apartments for rent near california state university at fullerton - fullerton, ca (university). Com listing has verified information like property rating, floor plan, school and neighborhood data, amenities, expenses, policies and of course, up to date rental rates and availability.

  it provides the csuf community a great opportunity to not only eat a healthy and nutritious meal, but it also serves as a hub of activity for the community. This site is maintained by housing and residential engagement.

The csuf off-campus housing marketplace exists to give students the ability to filter and contact landlords of all sizes on one site! And, to make sure youre able to completely enjoy the college community while living off-campus, the cal state fullerton off-campus housing marketplace has only the most relevant csuf apartment options to choose from.

The residence halls are designed to focus on the needs of incoming freshmen and housing 1,062 students in double and triple occupancy bedrooms clustered around community bathrooms. Opened in 2011, the residence halls were awarded the first platinum leed certification in california by the u.

Housing overview at csu fullerton on average, rent for apartments near csu fullerton is 2,183mo. Csu fullerton rent is more expensive than the national monthly average of 1,976mo. We currently offer 8 apartments within walking distance of cal state fullertons campus. In total, there are 176 student housing options available near csu fullerton.

College pads is your number one resource for finding apartments near csuf. Finding cal state fullerton apartments has always been a chore.

Compare apartments near csuf renting for the upcoming school year and more.

The university apartments provide students with affordable and convenient living close to campus. Apartments are designed for single and family communities for residents from around the world. Use the links below to learn all about the university apartments at colorado state university.

Housing prices will vary depending on the students room selection and meal plans. The 350 housing deposit will offset a portion of the housing room charge per student housing license agreement.

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University apartments csuf

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