Thunder tiger mt4 parts list

Thunder tiger mt4 parts list

Thunder tiger pd07-0043 18 k-rock mt4-g3 rear shocks absorbers wspacers pd07-0043.

5 mm) pd1447 fwdrev clutch hub pd7258 brake discs ad2555 flywheel collet,5mm pd0871 coupler tube pd7257 brake pads & screws pd1450 shift lever pd1461 brake cam & pd1465 fr drive input cup.

Tt-ad2001 - thunder tiger ssbssrssk rear suspension arms code tt-ad2001 5.

If you need your part urgently please make contact to confirm availability. If the part in not in stock with our australian distributor there will be lengthy delay.

Compatible with most st-1 series parts heavy duty steel diff ring pinion adjustable steel turnbuckles compact molded chassis brace and cover new concept monster truck body cnc machined aluminum motor mount cnc machined steel pinion gear .

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Thunder tiger mt4 parts list

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