Schwab 529 phone number

Schwab 529 phone number

Schwab 529 plan portfolio composition each of the 529 plan portfolios includes fund families primarily within schwabs mutual fund onesource service, as well as schwab affiliate funds. The schwab 529 plan employs multiple fund families to diversify across securities, industry sectors, and investment styles.

  learn more about a 529 college savings plan account at schwab. Call us at , visit your local branch or find a consultant.

If youd like to send a qualified written request, notice of error, or information request, please see your monthly periodic statement for the address of your loan servicer. If you have questions about who to contact, call schwab bank at .

The schwab 529 education savings plan is available through charles schwab & co. And is managed by american century investment management, inc. The plan was created by the kansas state legislature under the provisions of section 529 of the internal revenue code and is administered by the kansas state treasurer.

Telephone number (in case we have a question about your account. (1010-6258) app25949-09 (0718) return the completed form and any other required documents to schwab 529 plan p.

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Schwab 529 phone number

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