Poe atlas shaping guide

Poe atlas shaping guide

  before you start shaping your path of exile atlas, we suggest you read our introduction to the atlas. Once youve done that, youll be left with the question what is shaping? Shaping is a mechanic used to increase a map five tiers of difficulty.

  shaping is actually a mechanic made use of to raise a map 5 tiers of difficulty. In other words, shaping lets you move a tier 1 map up to tier 6 in difficulty. It is possible to only shape up to tier 10 because the standard maps only go up in difficulty to tier 15.

  shaping, what is it? Shaping is a special process thats an integral part of the endgame process for path of exile. Using special drops called shaper orbs, which are dropped after completing center tiers of map. Each tier of shaper orb will reconfigure a corresponding map on the atlas, essentially pushing it five tiers higher into the drop pool.

  there are 15 available and these are obtained by completing specific maps on the atlas. The tier they are able to shape is equivalent to the tier of map they dropped from minus 5. The highest tier of shapers orb that can be obtained is tier 10 from tier 15 maps.

  the atlas of worlds is the holistic representation of path of exiles end-game map system a spiderwebbing, interconnected behemoth that governs what maps can drop, how you progress forwards, and a tableau of your achievement. Players start at the inside of the atlas and work towards the edges.

1 war for the atlas random maps on your atlas could gain shaper influence (s-i) or elder influence (e-i). With the war between the shaper and elder offering a questline to the map system. On the atlas, maps with star clouds have s-i and maps encompassed by the grey blob have e-i. Elder influence will only start appearing after you have ran your first s-i map that is tier 6 or higher.

  the atlas will indicate the region in which you are working for the maven. After you have slain all the required bosses (3 in this case) you will have to face the mavens challenge. 9 after killing the last boss in the region observed by the maven, she will drop an invitation.

For each map completed under certain conditions, you gain an atlas completion bonus. Defeating the boss is often the bonus objective for the atlas of worlds completion, with higher tiers requiring the map to be crafted in a certain way. Map drops bonus each bonus adds a 1 chance for a map to drop one continue reading poe atlas bonus objectives guide 3.

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Poe atlas shaping guide

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