Persona 4 contrarian king

Persona 4 contrarian king

Contrarian king is an optional boss that becomes available after defeating yukikos castle. The king will be waiting for you on the 8th floor, in the same room which you fought shadow yukiko in.

  to beat the contrarian king in persona 4 golden, youll need a strong persona equipped to your main character to get through the fight. I recommend ghoul, who is available in shuffle time on the seventh floor. Ghoul has high endurance, meaning you have a better chance of living through the relentless attacks.

It will then use hysterical slap and kill rush, physical attacks that hit an individual target multiple times.

  if you put resist physical on a persona it will reduce the amount of damage they take from physical attacks (like rampage), if its null you wont take any damage (and theres repel and absorb but you dont get those until later) but yeah if youre doing it the same day you rescue kanji you can level a bit in there, use a higher level persona, and then come back to it.

Link at level 5 will teach jack frost bufula when you fuse him.

Just got this game pretty recently, finished yukikos dungeon, used up a week to fill out my social links, then chie asked me to help her and yukiko with going in the tv. I went up the castle and fought the contrarian king, but he whooped my ass hard. I did research on this fight, and supposedly you need to grind out levels (im level 13) to level.

Buffing yourself wont get you anywhere since you might still die anyway and waste the duration of the buff. I did it on very hard at lv30 with persona around lv20, and it was really easy.

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Persona 4 contrarian king

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