National bank of malawi fixed deposit rates

National bank of malawi fixed deposit rates

For customers with excess funds which they intend to commit to an investment for a fixed period of time. Once paid for each period, interest is added to the principal and earns interest in the subsequent contractual period.

National bank of malawi plc wishes to advise its valued customers and all stakeholders that the reference rate for april 2021 will be at 12.

O box 945 blantyre malawi tel (265) 1 820622 fax(265) 1 820 606.

Monthly deposits of at least mk10,000 through a cash deposit or a standing order interest rate at 6 above ordinary savings account benefits to the customeruser.

National bank of malawi keeps you updated on daily exchange and interest rates. The links below give you a range of exchange rates for the current working day. The following are the current exchange rates as quoted by national bank of malawi dealers ratestodayapril2920211147.

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National bank of malawi fixed deposit rates

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