Lds 72 hour emergency kit list

Lds 72 hour emergency kit list

  below is a list of items to store in a 72-hour kit to help you be prepared in the case of an emergency. You can also learn how to make a first aid kit to put into your 72-hour kit. Directions print the list below and check off each item that has been put into your 72-hour kit.

Here are a few premade 72-hour kits to consider ready america deluxe emergency kit 4 person lds 72 hour kit ready america 2 person kit valley food storage 72 hour kit (we have this one). You can get 10 off your first order when you signup for their email list.

  checklist - how to build an lds 72 hour kit wool blanket - always wool, never cotton change of clothing - long and short sleeved shirts, pants, jackets,socks, and etcetera.

Lds 72 hour earthquake and emergency survival kit 4 person earthquake and emergency kit includes 1-backpack 4-2400 cal.

Glassescontacts prescriptionsmedicines these can be expensive to rotate, and if you have prescriptions, it can be hard to get any extra to keep tucked away in a 72-hour kit all the time.

Putting together a 72-hour kit need not be an overwhelming chore. Sit and think what have i done since this morning that used household items or foods? Write those down in a list.

(compiled may 2007) this list of items needed for a 72-hour kit is compiled from many sources 72-hour kit lists, such as the american red cross, lds provident living and emergency essentials to name a few.

What to include in your 72-hour kit, with a printable packing checklist so you are prepared for an emergency if disaster strikes! Here are a few more helpful checklists home management binder printables, how to prepare your house for vacation, and camping checklist.

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Lds 72 hour emergency kit list

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