Lavishruby academic planner

Lavishruby academic planner

The lavish life brand is a brand dedicated to overall success whether it is in academics, professional or personal development. Our goal is to encourage, empower and inspire our audience to live out their wildest dreams and achieve success in all aspects of life through the use of our products such as the academic and business planners.

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We are the 1 place for millenials to diversify their income and the home of the global online learning community dedicated to financial elevation. Were all about helping you build the lives of your dreams and create the success you want, while making life-long friendships and accountability partners. Ruby has worked with hundreds of men and women from all over the world, across multiple.

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She started an e-commerce business by selling academic planners, and since her youtube content was academic-based,.

An academic planner is the key to getting your head on straight. The concept is amazingly simple condense your life days, weeks, months, an entire year into an easy-to-read, all-in-one-place format.

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Lavishruby academic planner

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