Is bitconnect a ponzi

Is bitconnect a ponzi

  respected figures in cryptocurrency like ethereums vitalik buterin and litecoins charlie lee have denounced bitconnect as a ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes rely on the influx of new members through recruitment to pay the dividends to existing members. This form of pyramid scheme will continue to grow as long as its user base does.

  bitconnect works in a method that is fully in line with almost all traditional ponzi schemes. Typically, a ponzi scheme works first by promising massive, unrealistic returns.

  on tuesday, bitconnect announced closing its bitcoin lending and exchange platform, following intense speculation that the crypto community was a ponzi scheme. In its statement, the company insisted this wasnt the end for bitconnect, but its cryptocurrency had already dropped in value by more than 90 to a lowly 17.

  however, there were clear indications of bitconnect being a ponzi scheme. The cryptocurrencys website began promising to give returns of 480 per year to the investors in usd and it even guaranteed a 91 profit. The worst part was that the bitconnect scam actively promoted the idea that there was a no financial risk and it was a one-way bet.

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Is bitconnect a ponzi

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Is bitconnect a ponzi

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