Iota richest addresses

Iota richest addresses

Detailed information on iota transactions, addresses, bundles and tags.

Hi, im doing research on iota for my masters thesis, and would like to know more about the distribution of iotas. Orgstatisticsrichest-addresses shows the richest addresses, are my guesses below about their ownership reasonable or even verifiable? 1 218 ti - unclaimed tokens from ico.

The second is the exchanges software where users have accounts. The top addresses on the iota software network are going to be the iota foundation and all of the exchanges trading iota, which is bitfinex, binance, bitpanda, the korean ones and a few others.

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Top 100 richest bitcoin gold addresses address balance 1w 1m of coins first in last in number of ins first out last out number of outs 1 anngam39gvzmbcwlpgsj6k226pmqiphh3s 2,517,390 btg (237,743,503 usd) 2517390 btg 13.

Iota (internet of things) iota is the most unique cryptocurrency in this list. Unlike other coins, iota uses a public ledger called tangle rather than blockchain technology. To make it more secure to transact on the distributed ledger, the technology will constantly change the addresses for each transaction.

It relies on various forms of taint analysis to aggregate multiple addresses in the same wallet. The actual wallets probably hold more worth than listed, and smaller wallets or individual addresses could actually be part of a larger wallet.

The current coinmarketcap ranking is 29, with a live market cap of 5,773,836,223 usd. It has a circulating supply of 2,779,530,283 miota coins and a max.

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Iota richest addresses

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