Ibm cryptocurrency stellar

Ibm cryptocurrency stellar

  ibm signs 6 banks to issue stablecoins and use stellars xlm cryptocurrency. Ibm is taking its banking clients a step closer to cryptocurrency.

The ibm blockchain world-wire is developed on stellars open blockchain platform that operates as the backbone of their cross-border payment solution.

Dollar, based on the stellar network, is part of an ibm project to explore crypto dollar payments.

  the decision to partner with ibm and use the stellar blockchain marks a shift in plans the company had earlier made to partner with ethereum incubator.

The intro post talks about how albedo can be used in a secure and reliable way to use the stellar network without having to trust anyone with a secret key. Orbit lens recently tweeted excited to introduce albedo a security-centric, developer-friendly, and easy-to-use delegated signer for stellar network.

Ibm remains strong with blockchain ibm, international business machines released a statement for stronghold usd, a new cryptocurrency-usd pair that was created on the new stellar blockchain infrastructure. Stellar, is a usd cryptocurrency pair, created via the stellar blockchain structure.

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Ibm cryptocurrency stellar

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