How to undo on mt4

How to undo on mt4

  ctrlz or altbackspace will undo object (as opposed to indicator) deletions in the reverse order they occurred.

  alt-backspace too see also menus charts - objects - undo delete and object context menu.

  altbackspace undo last deleted object(s) ctrla revert all indicator window heights to default. Ctrld openclose the data window ctrlf enable crosshair. Ctrlh showhide ohlc line (top left) ctrll showhide volumes.

You can retrieve all past transaction history from mt4, if you are able to login to the account.

  after logging into your mt4 trading account, go to toolsoptions. Then you will see the below new screen, where you can change the password and save. You can simply type in your preferred new password in there and click on change.

  you may try other brokers if they have got an option to change the time in mt4 though, it is the default limitation of the trading platform, you cannot change it anyway. For some users who cannot stand to use the trading platform in gmt2, then you may find an ea(expert adviser) to change the time setting in mt4.

Now that your ea is installed, open mt4 and click on the strategy tester button.

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How to undo on mt4

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