How to render with gpu in sony vegas 14

How to render with gpu in sony vegas 14

  in todays video i will be showing you guys how to render any video using your graphics card in sony vegas! This should work for all version of sony vegas.

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Fixed it just choose another render thing and it worked i choose sony avcmvc (mp4,m2ts,avc) and then internet 1920x1080 and chanced the frames to 59,990 fps and pressed render sry for bad english.

And all options are using cpu only regardless which one i chose there. Im sorry but 15 minute video should not render for 1 hour with gpu encode enabled and 96 cpu usage.

  under vegas preferencesvideo tab, you just need to make sure the gpu is selected vs off. Mp4, make sure the profile you are using has the encode mode set to automatic or use gpu or opencl enable. You may have to save a new template depending on the codec rendering to.

Vegas pro and vegas movie studio offer two encoders that have the options to use the gpu, the sony avc and the main concept avc encoders. However, here is a quote from a page i found on sonys website gpu-accelerated avc rendering (for exporting your video) is not enabled by default.

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How to render with gpu in sony vegas 14

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