How to get lithium in astroneer

How to get lithium in astroneer

Lithium occurs in curly noodle-shaped nodes of pink-and-gold tubes. 1 source 2 uses 3 trivia 4 media lithium can be found on the following planets the trade platform gives 1 lithium for every 4 scrap, up to 2 total for 8 scrap.

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To be more specific the first pod you open of a shapecolor gives you a blueprint (up to the 11 that exist, after that the first pod of a new style gives nothing). Any duplicate pods of that shapecolor you open give you either titanium or lithium.

  where to find lithium lithium can only be found in the caves on vesania and in the mountains of novus. It will appear as a redorange coloured curly tube that grows out of the ground.

  in this astroneer guide i explain places to find titanium and lithium. Early on, your best sources of titanium and lithium will be crashed and abandoned space.

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Drop one on your base, or the top of the nearest biggest montain, drop the second one, when the bases beacon nearly out of sight. I search my bas on novus for 2 hours, before i find my way back to it.

100 lithium ! Vesania lithium mining ! Astroneer summer update ep 7 z1 gaming.

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How to get lithium in astroneer

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