Gi blues quest

Gi blues quest

Blues is a side quest and an achievementtrophy in fallout new vegas.

Blues as your active quest, and follow the on-screen marker back towards the outskirts of freeside, and towards the gate entrance in question.

  -hire a guard named orris near the northern gate of freeside. -follow orris to the south gate and watch for any suspicious behavior.

  so in this video im just finishing gi blue quest in this game.

I just talked to the ncr major shooting it out with guys and they agreed to stand down, it told me to go back and inform the king, but hes not in his usual spot and the navigation marker is pointing me to an empty couch in the front room of the impersonation school.

The reason the quest fails if you kill pacer is because you have no proof to the king that hes trouble, so instead its just seen as you killing one of his own. The reason the quest succeeds if you kill the ncr is because the objective is to resolve the conflict, which can mean violence.

Blues quest, and whenever i approach the ncr gunmen, they turn hostile automatically. I went and talked to pacer, who told me to shoot them, and i cant kill them.

  theyre the most polite anarchists youll meet in your entire life, and are host to tons of quests like gi blues that let you learn more about their bizarre theology.

Forgot main quest order, help please! Just convinced boomers to support ncr and did gi blues, but kings gambit wont start.

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Gi blues quest

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