G21 surf wave

G21 surf wave

For the surf fans out there, the g21 is also a world-class surf wave creator. Thanks to the nautique surf system the wave is big, clean and highly customizable.

  surf boats big waves - nautique g21 review (drone footage)httpswww. Com built off the legendary reputation of the g23, the super air nau.

  so is everyone recommending the g23 because it actually has a better surf wave than the g21, or simply because its bigger with more interior space, in-floor cooler, etc. Not everyone has a crew of 8-12 people every time they hit the lake.

Nothing is sacrificed as it produces wakes and surf waves beyond comparison with any other boat in its size-class, and you still get the legendary g-series performance along with the high quality you expect out of a super air nautique. The super air nautique g21 comes standard with the proven power of the pcm zr4 engine.

The g21 produces world-class wakes and surf waves and is packed with all the latest technology just what you expect from a nautique. To be a true icon, you need to respect all others that came before you.

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G21 surf wave

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G21 surf wave

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