First block capital bitcoin trust

First block capital bitcoin trust

First block capital is a firm dedicated to investing in, growing and listing global private technology companies. Fbc provides advisory services to help meet growing companies financial needs.

Neo connect is delighted to declare the first block capital bitcoin trust (fbc trust) can now be obtained on its fund dissemination stand. This is the pioneer investment program of its kind in the north american nation.

  july 19, 2017 1119 am eastern daylight time vancouver, british columbia-- (business wire)--first block capital inc. Today announced its launching the canadian bitcoin trust, which can be accessed.

Is pleased to release details of a private placement offering of units of fbc bitcoin trust.

In early 2017 marc founded the first registered cryptocurrency investment fund in canada, first block capital, and launched canadas first licensed bitcoin fund, the fbc bitcoin trust. He also founded initial coin offering investment bank first coin capital and the largest bitcoin miner in north america hut 8 mining, taking it public in march 2018.

  first block capital launches canadas first bitcoin trust through frontfundr. First block capital has revealed its launching the canadian bitcoin trust, which can be accessed through frontfundr, providing eligible investors with a convenient way to invest in bitcoin.

  the fbc bitcoin trust is a new canada-based offering from first block capital and frontfundr.

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First block capital bitcoin trust

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