Fantasy life best gear

Fantasy life best gear

- head gear (note if the listed head gear is listed as 4 kings helm, it simply refers to the helms you can get by offering gold lunares coins at the non-origin island goddess statues the dragon king helm, the sea lord helm, the dark sultan helm, and the spirit king helm each has varying defensive capabilities, but all give attack30).

Here is a list of what i consider to be the best geartool end-game for every life. Thanks to chen for providing some insight, reveriaexplorer for the item database and syngrcks of gamefaqs for hisher crafting list. This guide assumes that you are creatorgod level in all lives and without life restrictions.

Rest assured, gender doesnt matter in the magician life because the valkyrie set is at best used on the road to get the best gear, no piece of the valkyrie set is a part of the best gear. Some items to look into - ares circlet, a head item that gives int and still has a slot left over to be used as you wish.

Loose top 6 0 all chic maajik top 6 0 all cloth merc armour 4 0 cute-ribbon dress full body 18 25 skill growth all dancers top 10 10 dexterity 1 all desert top 6 0 all devilish shirt 10 10 all duelling outfit 7 0 all elegant dress full body 17 25 skill growth all fluffy suit full body 17 17 sleep resistance all furnace apron ().

Its got easy to understand mechanics with a deep storyline, along with well designed areas. Ive only just started playing but its giving me the same feelings fantasy life did, plus theres a small storyline that reminded me of flutter.

This category sorts and groups all armour in fantasy life by their equip slot into sub-categories. To see an organized and detailed list of all armour, click here.

  with 12 life classes to choose from, fantasy life for 3ds does a great job of breaking up the usual monotonous grinding to get from point a to point b. Whether youre going with full combat and sticking with the mercenary or paladin trees is solely up to you, but before you set out on your adventure, lets take a quick look into the different lives you can enjoy in the beautifully crafted world of riveria.

Summary embark on the adventure of your dream life as you craft, cast, fish, mine, battle and explore like never before in fantasy life.

  hands down the best reward you can get from passwords is the mysterious outfit. It may not do a lot for normal defense, but it gives the player a whopping bonus to magical defense and magical attack.

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Fantasy life best gear

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