Famous halal food in ipoh

Famous halal food in ipoh

Source established since 1956, this is a very old halal food stall in ipoh catering to its indian and muslim visitors through halal-friendly and pork-free food! Offering the famous nasi ganja and nasi kandar dishes, they serve the most delicious curries and gravy.

From chicken rice to char kuey teow and dim sum, here are the eateries with the best halal food in ipoh you cant miss.

  there are also some fine examples of colonial architecture to be found in ipoh. Given the culturally diverse nature of ipoh, you are sure to find plenty of options when it comes to cuisine. Head to these best halal restaurants in ipoh during your time in the city.

  as the name suggests, this halal restaurant in ipoh makes the famous malaysian nation dish nasi lemak using ayam kampung, or free-range village chickens. Tourists who want to sample ipohs version can order their signature dish. Other options include kampung-style fried rice, noodle dishes and tom yam.

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The flat white noodles are often served with soy sauce, chopped char siew (pork) or prawn meat sprinkled with deep fried onions.

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Famous halal food in ipoh

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Famous halal food in ipoh

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