Buy sell pending order script mt4

Buy sell pending order script mt4

This is for open a buy stop order and sell stop order at once. 2 run that indicator without modify anything (just run) hope anyone could help me.

Hi, i need a mt4 script to place both a buy & sell pending order at the same time. - able to input stop loss and profit target in pips and automatically calculate and execute the exit price and target price automatically.

  how do i code a script which, when executed within mt4, initiates either a pending buy or sell limit order? I would prefer that the script obtainsreads current.

Buy and sell pending order position at once it was built specifically for those doing the trading during the news or daily trading by scalping simulation supported,before pending order executed tutorial included. Download the module & buysellpending script download both buysell tutor.

If you wish to have a way to submit opposite buy and sell pending orders at the same time, the following tool is the solution one click trading pro ea for metatrader 4 can submit opposite orders with only one click. You can decide the open price, the distance and other parameters.

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Buy sell pending order script mt4

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