British gas hive apple homekit

British gas hive apple homekit

Smart connected home company backed by british gas, has quietly added apple homekit support to its range of smart home products.

  you can use homekit with siri across ios devices, macs, apple tv, and the homepod.

  hive, the smart home system owned by british gas, first said in early 2019 that apple homekit integration was in the works. But the company then missed its own deadline when 2019 came to an end, blaming several technical challenges. Now though, homekit support is finally available for hive users, joining alexa and google assistant.

  uk based hive, part of heating giant british gas, quietly announced homekit compatibility last week in an update to its webpage, first spotted by imore. Users require the latest hive hub or the hub 360, both of which can be updated to version 10.

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British gas hive apple homekit

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