Brighthouse annuity performance

Brighthouse annuity performance

Brighthouse financial is the brand name for brighthouse life insurance company, brighthouse life insurance company of ny, and new england life insurance company.

A brighthouse financial variable annuity with the optional flexchoice access living benefit rider lets you turn a portion of retirement savings into guaranteed income that lasts for life with withdrawal rate options up to 6 and benefits for married couples.

The shield annuities at brighthouse are a series of index-linked annuities that are attached to either the s&p 500 index, russell 2000 index or msci eafe index.

  a fixed index annuity (fia) from brighthouse financial is designed to help you accumulate assets for retirement by tracking the performance of well-known market indices. This type may appeal to those close to retirement because their purchase payment is 100 protected against market downturns.

This material must be preceded or accompanied by prospectuses for the brighthouse shield level select 6-year annuity, brighthouse shield level select 6-year annuity v.

The shield level selector annuity is a single premium deferred annuity that helps you to use a portion of your assets to participate in market growth opportunities with the assurance of downside protection. Brighthouse financial has a 6-year, a 3-year, and a 1-year option available on the shield level selector annuity.

Whether youre looking to diversify your income sources, turn a portion of your assets into a stream of guaranteed lifetime income payments, or help cover some everyday expenses during retirement, a product like the brighthouse income annuity may be right for you.

  product review brighthouse secureadvantage 6 fixed indexed annuity. There are a few scattered bright spots and one of them is brighthouse secureadvantage 6, a relatively new fixed indexed annuity that is unlike virtually every other fia. Brighthouse secureadvantage 6 is markedly different from other fias and thats why its worth discovering now.

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Brighthouse annuity performance

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Brighthouse annuity performance

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