Best mil for solar pool cover

Best mil for solar pool cover

  the best solar cover for above ground pool should be able to last long. In general, a 12 mil cover will last longer than the 8 mil cover. However, that might not always be true since this will depend on the product you buy and how you take care of it. In conclusion, the thicker your cover is, the more heat it will trap and retain.

  a 12 mil cover is better at warming your pool in sunny places but isnt durable. Aluminized pool covers are quite durable but not effective during the day.

  the midwest canvas 16-mil oval solar pool cover is a just-right fit for oval-shaped pools ranging up 21 x 41 in size. This solar pool cover is heavy duty, with a 16-mil polymer thickness. It also is unique in that it features diamond heat retention pockets instead of the standard round bubbles.

  in terms of the best solar pool cover thickness, wed suggest a cover between 12 and 16-millimeters. These will set you back more than a thinner alternative but theyll retain heat better and are longer lasting in terms of sun and chemical damage.

  what is the best thickness for a solar pool cover? After testing, we found that any solar pool cover between 12-mil and 16-mil performed best for heat retention.

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Best mil for solar pool cover

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