Amibroker option chain

Amibroker option chain

Edelweiss stock screener is one of the best screeners for indian stocks as it provides distribution of stocks by category that helps you to get highest returns on your investments. This is interpreted as breaking resistance with high conviction.

Everybarnullcheck - allows to turn on checking for nulls in arithmetic operations on every bar in the array(by default it is off - i. Amibroker checks for nulls that appear in the beginning of the arrayand in the end of the array and once non-null value is detected it assumes no further holes (nulls) in the middle).

  this tutorial explores how to build put call ratio (open interest) chart in amibroker for the any given option instrument. Since creating a pcr chart involves multiple option strike price and it is a composite indicator it can be achieved in amibroker using addcomposite function.

Titlesameers nifty options system arrowupbuy call,arrowdownsell call,triangledownbuyput,triangle upexit put setchartoptions(0,0,chartgrid30chartgrid70) periods param( periods, 15, 1, 200, 1 ) colordyniif(tema(rsi( periods),5)ma(tema(rsi( periods),5),20),colorgreen,colorred) plot( tema(rsi( periods),5), sameers nifty option.

We are very glad to inform you that, now you can ask for afl coding for options trading. Here you can give us any type of your trading logics and strategy or buy or sell conditions for trading in options automatically.

  their support told me that they cant provide it right now. Also, please dont try to sell me your consulting, im a programmer myself, its just not obvious on how i can select option chain and strike in amibrokers api.

Options trading afl for options trading afl charges are rs 20000 afl we can program any type of custom afl coding for amibroker like options straddle, hedging, spread, options buying or writing. If you have any type of logics then i can program it as you wish.

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Amibroker option chain

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