Alternative softcam manager

Alternative softcam manager

Although you have an older version of the manager installed, you do not have to delete it but its enough to install the new 3.

  alternative softcam manager ipk with latest configs, keys and softcams for mips-based boxes. Includes configs and keys for btkcam, cccam, gcam, mgcamd, ncam, oscam-modern, oscam-emu, oscam-ymod, wicardd.

  alternative softcam manager ipk with latest configs, keys and softcams for arm-based boxes. Includes configs and keys for btkcam, cccam, gcam, mgcamd, ncam, oscam-modern, oscam-emu, oscam-ymod, wicardd.

2020 audi0619 - updete the plugin - add support python3 - fix some bugs - turkish language support added now fully compatible with python 2.

0 - skins hd ve fullhd coded by taapat only cam-sats registered members can see the links.

2021 novo dodan oscamsupcam new added oscam supcam code ticket 4841 adding caid 0961 & caid 09bb sky uk and airtel india atrs oscam 11.

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Alternative softcam manager

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