Agimat reversal indicator

Agimat reversal indicator

The agimat reversal indicator is based on the zigzag reversal patterns and therefore offers great entry and exit points.

  agimat reversal indicator is a forex trading oscillator who is belonging to buy and sell security systems to make a day trading works perfectly to give a great strategies and worth in forex market because it is a confirmation code for traders to make things possible and great in every hour trading to get every day profit.

  if you read the instructions on how to use agimat you will realise that, yes of course, the main arrow repaints as new highs or lows are formed. This is natural as the main arrow is only highlighting these highs and lows, it is not a signal to trade. Once it is established that the high or low has been made you wait for the confirmation signal.

To summarize, the agimat reversal indicator is a brilliant forex trend reversal indicator for mt4. It provides forex traders with accurate arrows based trend trading signals. The indicator produces the best results in higher time frame charts.

The aggressive agimat reversal alert metatrader 4 forex indicator is an awesome trend reversal indicator that has the potential to deliver massive profits. Agimat provides incredible buy and sell signal alerts on the chart, even before the big reversal move begins.

  hello good people can anyone help me code the indicator below to give sound alerts of buy and sell which pops up when signals are generated.

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Agimat reversal indicator

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Agimat reversal indicator

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